Self Employed Members  - FAQ
(1) What is the Employees'Trust Fund Board?
  Employees' Trust Fund Board is a statutory organization . It is coming under Finance and Planning Ministry. It provides welfare benefits to active members.
(2) What is the method to obtain Self Employment membership?
  To obtain membership duly filled applications should be sent to E.T.F Head office with the first month’s contribution. Monthly contribution should be Rs.200/- or more .
(3) From where could I obtain an application?
  Membership applications can be obtained from E.T.F Board Head Office , Branch offices or from the internet .

Is there any deadline to pay monthly contribution?

  Monthly Contribution should be made on or before the last day of the following month .

Can you give an example to explain it?

  As an example your April contribution can be paid until May 31.
(6) Can I deposit my contribution in advance?
  Yes , you can make your contribution for the next two three months or for the year, in advance .
If I contribute more than Rs.200/- can I get a larger amount for my benefit claim application?
  No, amounts of the benefits do  not depend on the contribution made by the member.
When I am resigning will you deduct any amount from my deposited money for my claimed welfare benefits?
  No, even If you have enjoyed all benefits, when resigning member gets all the deposited money with the interest .
(9) What does ETF Board (Government)  expect  from this benefits scheme?
  Our aim is to encourage  Self employed persons and Migrant workers to save money for their future needs.
(10) How can I pay my monthly contributions?
  The payments can be made through all the Branches of People's Bank in cash, through the Cheques sent by post, handing over to the E.T.F field Offices in cash or through a standing order given to your Bank . Please remember , you can deposit contributions through the People's Bank branches only after obtaining the membership. Do not forget to write your National Identity card number and your name on the Bank slip when paying money. (People's bank our current account number 119100180000287)
(11) To what name, should the cheques be drawn?
  The cheques  should be drawn in favour of the EMPLOYEE'S TRUST FUND BOARD

Is there any barrier to enter this benefit scheme?

  The persons employed in the Public sector who are entitled to get pensions can not obtain the membership

Can persons who have resigned obtain  the membership again ?

  Ex-members also can rejoin as a new member
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