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Mr. Mahinda Madihahewa Chairman / Chief Executive Officer Employees’ Trust Fund Board

Mr. Mahinda Madihahewa is a Graduate of the Ceylon University of Colombo. After graduation he joined the Department of Labour in 1967 as a Labour Officer absorbed and rose to the rank of Commissioner of Labour while in Class I of the Sri Lanka Administrative Service and next to the rank of Commissioner General of Labour and was finally appointed as Secretary, Ministry of Labour in which post he continued till November 24, 2010. During this period he pioneered the establishment of the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and the National Institute of Labour Studies (NILS).

Thereafter, Mr. Mahinda Madihahewa was appointed Secretary/Co-Chief Executive Officer of the Senior Ministers’ Secretariat w.e.f. December 29, 2010 from which date he is functioning in the said post upto April 30, 2015
Then he was appointed Chairman of the Employees’ Trust Fund Board w.e.f. January 23, 2015 and he is functioning the chairman post upto now. Prior to that he had been functioning as Chairman/Director/Member of various Institutions such as National Labour Advisory Council, Vocational Training Authority, Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment ShramaVasana Fund Board, National Child Protection Authority, Public Enterprises Reform Commission, Employees’ Trust Fund, Management Committee on Petroleum Exploration, Council of University of Colombo, and the School of Computing University of Colombo. He was also the Country Director for Sri Lanka of the Asian Productivity Organization; Co-Chairman of the Cluster for Skills Development, Employment and Labour Relations.

He has followed a professional training course in Labour Administration leading to a Master’s Degree at the ILO Turin Centre and at ILO Geneva. As country Director of the Asian productivity Organization (APO) and the Japanese Productivity Centre (JPC), he has attended a number of seminars.

He represented Sri Lanka at the International Labour Conference (ILC) from 1995 to 2010 and was a member of the Governing Body of the International Labour Organization during the period 2005 to 2008.

After his appointment as Secretary/ Chief Executive Officer, Senior Ministers’ Secretariat, he initiated the formulation of the National Human Resources & Employment Policy (NHREP). He functions as the Secretary of a number of Cabinet Sub-Committees in the Senior Ministers’ Secretariat.

His achievements of excellence include formulation and establishment of an effective Human Resources Placement Service (HRPS) in 1996 creating a National Employment Service to suit the needs of the Private Sector Employers and Job Seekers; Establishment of a Career Guidance and Self Employment Counselling Centre in 1999; Effective co-ordination of all enforcement and implementation aspects of Labour Administration: Establishment of a Social Dialogue and Workplace Cooperation Unit in the Department of Labour and the establishment of Department of Manpower and Employment in 2009.

Excellence in Effective Mediation as Conciliator in major Industrial Disputes at National level involving the Board of Investment Projects and other business ventures of critical importance to the National Economy bringing about amicable and sustainable settlements.

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