Reservation of the "Rajarata Shramabimani" Holiday Bungalow



The employees of the Board and outside members of the public has been availed the opportunity of being accommodated themselves in this Holiday Bungalow.


The reservations of rooms in this Holiday Bungalow may be made through the Office of the Chairman of the Board.


Those who are in need of making reservations of rooms in the Holiday Bungalow should fill up an application form which has to be accompanied by the payments concerned. Reservation of rooms will take effect only after the payment is made as such.


The application forms for the reservations of rooms may be obtained from the Office of the Chairman at the Head Office or the Regional Offices of the Board or could also be downloaded from the website of the Board.


Three types of applications have been prepared for the purpose of making reservations of rooms.
5.1 Application for making reservations of rooms for outside members of the public.
5.2 Application for making reservations of rooms for employees of the Board.
5.3 Application for accommodation by the staff of the Board on duty.


Payments concerning the reservations of rooms could be made in cash at the Office of the Chairman or credited in the Current Account bearing No. 02221143201 at the Commercial Bank maintained by the Board. Where the fees concerned are paid to the bank, rooms could be reserved after handing over the paid receipts of the bank along with the respective application form to the Office of the Chairman.


The fees once paid for making reservations of rooms could not be refundable owing to any unavoidable reason where you do not make use of the accommodation of rooms on the dates so reserved by you. If you inform of your inability to avail yourself of such accommodation at least seven days before the reserved date to the Office of the Chairman in writing or by fax, a date in the future may be considered in lieu of such reservation made by you provided no one else has reserved the Holiday Bungalow on such a date.


A register for the purpose of recording reservations of the Holiday Bungalow has to be maintained at the Office of the Chairman as well as the Regional Office in Anuradhapura. The Bungalow Keeper should maintain a duly updated register with names of the persons who are staying therein.
As such the register the Bungalow Keeper has to maintain for recording the arrival and departure of the visitors should contain the names, numbers of the National Identity Cards, permanent addresses of such guests and their signatures. Accommodation in the Holiday Bungalow will be allowed only after the scrutiny of the identity cards of those who made the reservation of the bungalow. When the guests check out of the rooms their signatures with respective dates and times of departure should be obtained in the register maintained for the purpose.


Priority should be given to the staff of the Employees Trust Fund Board when making reservations of the Holiday Bungalow. Priority should however be given to the outside parties provided they have made early reservations of rooms with payments made in advance.


The number of persons that could be accommodated in one room is restricted to 02 adults and two children under 12 years of age at a time.


At the time of making reservation of the Holiday Bungalow the number of persons so intended to stay therein should be correctly stated in the application form and such number of visitors will only be allowed to be accommodated in rooms. The Bungalow Keeper has been authorized to decline the provision of accommodation facilities for persons in excess of those indicated in the application form.


Visitors to the bungalow will not be allowed to use the kitchen of the Holiday Bungalow. Facilities have been provided to have their meals prepared through the Bungalow Keeper following the supply of necessary food items to him by the inmates. In that case, a sum of Rs.250.00 per day will be levied on gas for the cooking of such meals. Preparation of food or partaking of meals in the rooms is strictly prohibited.


The surrounding premises of this Holiday Bungalow should be kept clean and tidy. Due care should be taken in the use of all items of the bungalow including items such as furniture and ceramics and the guest who stayed in the bungalow should be held responsible for any loss or damage caused to the effects therein. The Board reserves the right to make claims for such loss or damage from those responsible in accordance with the market value of such items.


Ironing of clothes in the bed rooms is strictly prohibited. Separate place has been provided for that purpose.


If the Bungalow Keeper, after making an inspection of the items such as bedspreads, towels etc provided for the use of the visitors, finds any deficit thereof, he should take necessary action to retrieve such items or recover the loss thereof from the visitors concerned having it duly brought to the notice of them.


As this is a public property, a notice should be displayed in the premises of the Holiday Bungalow to educate its inmates in general to use electricity and water sparingly.

   Accommodation fees (with A/ C)


For an officer of the Board on official duty
- per room - Rs. 300.00 per day


Officer of the staff on a private visit
- per room - Rs. 1,000.00 per day
Whole of the Holiday Bungalow (4 rooms) - Rs. 3,500.00 per day


For visitors
- per room - Rs. 3,000.00 per day
Whole of the Holiday Bungalow (4 rooms) - Rs. 10,000.00 per day


For gas in addition -Rs. 250.00 per day will be levied.
* Furthermore, government taxes will also be applicable. (11% of VAT)

One bed room out of the five double bed rooms of the Holiday Bungalow will remain reserved for the Chairman and Directors of the Board.

Application form for reservation of the Rajarata Shramabimani Holiday Bungalow

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