Claim Application Form VI - Termination of Employment
   ( English / Sinhala /  Tamil )
   Death Claim Application - Form VIII and Form CL/A/04
  Shramasuwa Rekawarana Hospitalization Application
  Permanent Disability Insurance Cover Application
  Kidney Transplant surgery Assistance Application
  Intra Occular Lense cost reimbursement application
  Heart Surgery Assistance Application
  Employer Registration, R1 & R4 Forms and Instructions
  Formats of Form II Return, Reconciliation, Summary and Instructions
  Certification for Closed Employers - FormVI(C)
  Letter of Indemnity for Closed Companies - FormVI(D)
  Certificate of Employer - Form No. VI A (English/Sinhala/Tamil)
  Financial Grant for Year 5 Scholarship 2018 passed students
  Financial Grant for GCE (A/L) 2018 passed students
   Self Employed Member Application - Form SE ‘A’
   Migrant Worker Membership Application - Form  MWA.
   Application for Employer request for ETF e-Services
   Application for Member Request for ETF e-Services
   Application for Self Member Request for ETF e-Services
   Application to Change Personal Information for ETF e-Services
   Application for reservation of the Rajarata Shramabimani
   Holiday Bungalow
    Application for Registration of Suppliers and Contractors
    for Year 2019
   ETF Act
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